Global Solutions

Clear, Complete Clinical Evidence to Support Global Healthcare 

At Truven Health we understand how drug approvals, care guidelines and clinical practices are unique to each country. At the same time, we understand that the patient is at the core of everything you do; that evidence-based medicine and best practices form the cornerstone of protecting patient safety.

More than 5,500 hospitals and healthcare institutions in 83 countries rely on the global clinical evidence of Truven Health Micromedex Solutions. For almost 40 years, our customers have trusted the medication management, disease and condition therapy, and toxicology information of Micromedex to support them in making critical patient care decisions. 

We provide global evidence to support local patient care decisions:

  • NICE, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has accredited the robust editorial process we use to develop the content in our Micromedex Solutions.
  • Micromedex contains detailed evidence around off-label drugs as well as FDA-approved and EMA-approved medicines.
  • The integration of global brand name drugs allows users to search on over 150,000 trade names, spanning over 40 countries around the world.
  • The Micromedex Clinical Knowledge interface can be viewed in multiple languages.
  • Our patient education materials are available in 15 languages, including Arabic, English, Japanese and Spanish.
  • With the Micromedex Search accelerator, users enjoy fast and easy access to clinical information in Micromedex 2.0 from any webpage, including searches on local drug names, without interrupting their workflow.

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Our solutions support medication management, disease and condition therapy, toxicology control and patient education. You can access these solutions anytime, anywhere: online, on your tablet or smart phone. 

Micromedex Solutions help hospitals achieve regulatory compliance, and Joint Commission International as well as other national and international accreditation. When integrated into your hospital’s systems, our solutions provide an electronic audit trail to document patient care to save you time, and help you comply with regulatory guidelines.